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Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth of Consequences

—Melanie Cutting Reading for pleasure should be…well…a pleasure! Ann Patchett’s latest novel Commonwealth is her seventh, and is truly a pleasure to read. When my book club selected this for an upcoming meeting, it was my first experience of a … Continue reading

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Marie-Antoinette: une fascination inépuisable

PAR SYLVAIN-CLAUDE FILION Avec Napoléon Bonaparte et Louis XIV, la reine Marie-Antoinette est le personnage de l’histoire de France qui subjugue le plus, en raison de sa flamboyance et de son destin résolument tragique. Il n’est pas étonnant qu’on ne compte plus les ouvrages qui lui ont été consacrés. Incarnant à la fois le paroxysme […]

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Trigger Warning: Few Safe Spaces in Little House in the Big Woods!

Excitement on the horizon! In just over a month, on March 23rd, Bibliothèque Lennoxville Library will be hosting our annual Canada Reads…and so does Lennoxville event. As our avid followers will recall this is an annual foreshadowing of the CBC … Continue reading

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Antonio di Benedetto’s Zama: Un Pogo Loco!

by Stephen Sheeran It’s a fairly safe bet that you have never heard of either the author or title that I put before you today. In a way this is surprising, given that Zama first appeared in Argentina (in the … Continue reading

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