Lots and lots of little books for little people

Every book in this Good Reads is a little square one, perfect for tiny fingers and itty bitty hands.

Let’s start with some old favorites. The Lennoxville Library has received a new order of the very popular Roger Hargreaves books, Mr. Men and Little Miss, all on the New Arrivals shelf. Take one out at random — Mr. Skinny is sad because he’s very thin, but he lives in Fatland. Everyone is fat but him. Can a doctor help Mr. Skinny put a little weight on?

Or how about visiting with the talented and adorable redhead, Stella? Marie Louise Gay’s lovely mini-book series includes Stella: Queen Of The Snow (2000). It’s a great way to add a cool breeze to your warm evening. Stella teaches her little brother Sam all about the snow, which he has never seen before.

Gay has won multiple awards for her smart and beautiful books:

“Can you eat a snowflake?” asked Sam.

“Polar bears do,” said Stella.

“They eat snowflakes for breakfast.”

“With milk?” asked Sam.

“Yes,” said Stella. “And sugar.”

All of these books are filed under a blue dot.

Next, some red dots! But all these books are still very little, and perfectly square.

Piglet’s Winter Day, by Sarah Albee, is actually two books in one. Read it first like a book, page by page, then pull out the whole thing to see a story on the other side, as one long poster. This is a very, very short book about the first snowflake to fall from the sky. That snowflake  is followed by many more!

Sometimes a day is a bad day. A very bad day. But there is help. It’s titled A Good Day, and it’s written by Kevin Henkes (2007). Your day might begin as a very bad day, but then… things get better.

How else can you help make a regular day into an even better day? Bear has a bunch of really great days in Bear About Town (written by Stella Blackstone and illustrated by Debbie Harter, 2000). In fact, Bear picks a fun thing to do every day – from going to the park to the pool — and has fun for a whole week.

Bruce Degen’s Jamberry (1995) stars its own brown bear, who goes berry hunting with a little boy. It’s quite the trip, the two travel far and wide for jam fixings: “One berry, Two berry, Pick me a blueberry, Hatberry, Shoeberry, In my canoeberry.”

Margaret Mayo’s Dig, Dig Digging is about big trucks. There’s a fire engine, even a crane! Plus lots of word play. And a dump truck, of course (“Dump trucks are good at dump, dump, dumping, carrying heavy loads, and tip, tip, tipping. Out fall the rocks — CRASH! — rumbling and tumbling.”)

The wonderful Sandra Boynton’s Belly Button Book! (2005) is all about hippos. They like to go to the beach in the summer — the Belly Button Beach, “where tons of hippos stand around in bathing suits too little because they hope you will admire the button on their middle.” This one is lots of fun.

Last, there’s I Spy, with rhymes by Jean Marzello and photographs by Walter Wick: “I spy scissors and a yellow plane; I spy a horse and a choo-choo train.”

There’s nothing like the wordplay games and pictures in little books for little people, with a grown-up reading out those rhymes, all the while cuddled up together  in a big comfy chair.


Any Sherbrooke resident can become a member of the Lennoxville Library for free! Bring something with your address on it (a driver’s licence or a utility bill) and ask for a card.


A GREEN dot means non-fiction for children. Other dots are for children’s fiction: suggested ages 0 to 2, RED; ages 3 to 6, BLUE; ages 6 to 9, YELLOW; ages 9 to 12, ORANGE.


– Eleanor Brown, August 22, 2011

About BiblioLennLibrary

The Lennoxville Library, in Quebec's Eastern Townships, offers free memberships to all residents of Sherbrooke. We have a great selection of books in French and English, plus books on tape and CD, too! Check out our large-print section, our graphic novels... La Biblio Lennoxville se situe dans les Cantons-de-l'Est du Quebec. Les residents de Sherbrooke peuvent devenir membre gratuitement. Nous avons une grande selection de livres en francais et en anglais. Venez donc nous voir! Hours/Heures d'ouverture: Mardi-Tuesday, 10am to 5pm -- 10h a 17h Mercredi et Jeudi -Wednesday and Thursday, 10am to 6pm -- 10h a 18h Vendredi-Friday, 10am to 5pm -- 10h a 17h Samedi-Saturday, 11am to 4pm -- 11h a 16h Pour plus d'info, vous pouvez nous trouver au http://www.bibliolennoxvillelibrary.ca/ Click on the above to get to our website!
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